Gabor George Burt

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 Gabor George Burt 

Gabor er þekktur frumkvöðull á sviði nýsköpunar, hönnunar og stefnumótunar. Sérfræðiþekking hans hefur hjálpað fjölmörgum fyrirtækjum að komast yfir hindranir sem þau hafa talið vera á vegi sínum ásamt því að búa til árangursríka vaxtastefnu. Bók Gabors Slingshot sýnir ramma um hvernig tengja má kerfisbundna sköpun við snjalla stefnu. 

Að endurhugsa mörk fyrirtækisins

Gabor mun fjalla um þá sýn sína að sama hversu farsælt fyrirtæki sé í dag þá starfi það engu að síður innan sjálfskapaðra marka. Slík mörk geta haft vanmat í för með sér, en með því að yfirstíga þau geta fyrirtæki stækkað kúnnahóp sinn og viðhaldið vexti. Gabor veltir því fyrir sér hvort og þá hvernig sé hægt að endurhugsa þessi mörk stöðugt og samstímis samtstilla fyrirtækið í slíkri endurhugsun. 

Re-Imagining the Boundaries of your Business

No matter how successful your business is today, you still operate within self-imposed boundaries. These boundaries bring the risk of marginalization. But overstepping them leads you to broadened consumer relevance and sustained growth. How can you continuously re-imagine the boundaries of what you do? And how can you align your whole organization around the concept of re-imagining? In his session, innovation and creativity pioneer Gabor George Burt will take you on a provocativeexploration of how to shape the future of your company:

1) Stretching the boundaries of your business to their broadest extent in order to discover new market
spaces of expanded relevance
2) Learning to identify consumer ‘pain points’ and to turn them into ‘points of infatuation’

3) Embracing the shortcut to meaningful innovation: Instead of outright invention, you need to simply unlock powerful combinations of existing components


Linking creativity with smart strategy

Did you know that business leaders have labeled ‘creativity’ as the most important leadership trait for future success? So what is your most abundant source of creativity and how do you transform it into successful strategy? It may be hard to believe, but all of us were children once. And as children, we all experienced the senseof elation and accomplishment from inventing our own games. There was virtually no limit to what we could play and where. So what if we could re-ignite our childhood creativity?

Here is the connection: The basis of the most successful strategies is not out-competing rivals. Rather, it is creating your own game, your own rules, your own market space. This approach is especially important in a rapidly changing environment, where traditional market strategies do not work.

Gabor George Burt and his book SLINGSHOT are enabling both organizations and individuals to connect systematic creativity with high-impact strategic thinking. In a highly interactive and provocative session,

Mr. Burt’s audience will learn the following interlocking concepts:
1. How can you re-ignite your childhood creativity to guide your strategy?
2. How can you systematically use your creativity to expand the relevance of your business?
3. Successful products and services inspire a strong emotional attachment by consumers. How can
you create and sustain such a connection with your consumers?
4. How can you elevate your business to shape lifestyles (and work-styles), rather than being simply
a provider of goods or services?

Gabor Georg Burt

Gabor George Burt is an internationally recognized pioneer on innovation, creativity and strategydevelopment. His spheres of expertise help organizations to overstep perceived limitations and to carve out successful growth strategies. He is actively involved in shaping strategy for a diverse group of international clients from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups and leads by example through his own initiatives. Gabor was named on a recent list of Top Visionaries and gave the opening presentation at
the World Marketing Forum in June, 2013. Gabor writes articles for leading business publications, hosted a nationally broadcast radio show in the U.S., and his blog has been selected as a top online resource on innovation. Gabor has been featured in the book Radical Action for Radical Times, contributed case study material for the record-breaking book Blue Ocean Strategy and is the author of the book Slingshot, which presents a framework for connectingsystematic creativity with smart strategy. See
Gabor was born in Budapest, Hungary. He holds a BA in psychology from Amherst College as well as an
MBA from INSEAD, France.